Personal Income Tax Returns (State and Federal)

Tax laws change so often, it’s hard to keep up. We have years of experience preparing individual, corporate, partnership, trust, and estate tax returns. We can make sure you get every advantage you deserve.  More important we can help you comply with Act 22, Federal Income Taxes, in Puerto Rico and the USA return filing requirements.

We take the headache out of preparing your tax returns. At JN CPA, we make preparing your tax returns an easy and straightforward process. Our tax preparers are trained to work with a variety of income tax situations. We provide a wide spectrum of tax preparation services. If you are a wage earner, independent contractor, owner operator, seasonal employee, investor, or retiree, we can handle all of your tax preparation needs.

Emergency Federal Employees

Did your employer made income tax deductions on behalf of the Puerto Rico Treasury during Hurricane Maria emergency because of the special withholding rule?  In this case you will be required to file a Puerto Rico income tax return, and you could also request a a tax credit on your US1040.

Act 22 Tax Compliance

Careful compliance is a must to keep your Act 22 Decree in good standing.  We can take care of your Act 22 tax compliance, including the preparation and filing of the DDEC’s annual report.

All of our current clients will always have copy for all tax returns and source documents at hand with the use of secure individual private portals. This means that all of the information is only a click away.

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